Not sure why these pictures didn’t publish earlier but here is a look at the dessert spread: Bavarian cream swans, lemon squares, blackberry tarts, cheeses, honey cookies, sigil cookies, horse heart cookies, peppermint pie wall and “mis-fortune” cookies (each with their own unique game of thrones death!!)

The whole concept of having a game of thrones party was born out of my discovery of these super cute sigil cookie cutters on etsy. His shop appears to be on hiatus otherwise I would post a like to warpzone’s shop….

The main course! Here you see the pumpkin soup* again (still), the rack of lamb*, honey ham, auroch (bison) burgers, fried kraken (calamari), bread and salt, buttered carrots*, creamed mushrooms, and asparagus. In addition to regular bowls, I offered half pumpkin shells to enjoy the soup.

*dishes following the official game of thrones cookbook.

Here is a look at the appetizer spread. Included are apples, grapes, pomegranate seeds, chestnuts, pistachios, bread (picture taken before placed in big flat bowl), and sweet pumpkin soup*. Instead of salt and pepper in the unicorn shakers are two mixes of medieval spices: poudre douce* (sweet powder) and poudre forte* (strong powder). In the crockpot is spiced apple mead from Starrlight Meadery.

*from the official game of thrones Cook book.

I decorated the bathroom with inspirations from the assassin’s guild. Above the mirror reads “valar morghulis” and all about are various masks

So here are a collection of photographs from my recent Game of Thrones Christmas party. Here you can see some of the decorations. I made a Weirwood to be one of our Christmas trees and the wreath is meant to look like it is made from Weirwood branches. I made the dragon eggs of clay, paint, and glitter.


Natural Dyes: Buttercream Frosting Recipes (DIY recipes)

NO FOOD COLORING?! Yes that’s right!

As you might have heard commercial dyes/food coloring is not very healthy for us….  Food dyes have been linked to ADHD, cancer, allergies etc…

So what alternatives do we have to using food coloring for cakes/cupcakes/candies etc?

Well, we can use natural dyes like fruits, veggies, fruit syrups, fruit juices, for pretty pastel colors… 

And if you’re worried about taste, DON’T! these natural food dyes give more color than taste! :phewww: :D

You also don’t have to DIY yourself if you don’t want to there are brands now that sell natural food dyes! yay!

Must remember….

(via thecakebar)